Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vsyu night they went on the twisting gorges

Along the looping stony paths. Repeatedly they were brought down from the way, but Hope, who excellently knew mountains, again derived them to the correct road. When it dawned, before them was opened the spectacle of surprising, although wild beauty. From all their sides surrounded enormous snowy apexes each as if it looked because of the arm of another, in order to see the distant horizons. Their rocky slopes were so steep, whereas that pine tree and larch as if of viseli above the heads of travellers and, it seemed, the first wind gust will throw out them downward. And, probably these fears were not useless: the naked valley was continuously of useyana trees and boulders, which collapsed on top. When fugitives passed by valley, enormous stone somewhere near was torn away and he were rolled downward with the hoarse crash, waking echo in the resonant gorges and after frightening the tired horses, that were suddenly carried at a gallop. Nad by the horizon slowly arose the sun, and snowy apexes lit up one after another as lanterns at the festival, until all immediately flame up by red flame. Putniki involuntarily admired by this splendid spectacle oni even perceived the flow of new forces. After making a halt in the stream, which escaped from some gorge, they quickly cut through and gave to drink horses. Lyusi and its father would willingly remain here longer, but Jefferson Hope was inexorable. Oni has already been released into the pursuit of us, it said on. now everything depends on rapidity. Let us reach Carson and we can rest although entire life. Ves' day they scolded themselves on the gorges and toward the evening, according to their calculations, they were more than for thirty miles from its enemies. They found to themselves shelter on the night under the protrusion of the cliff, where poorly it was possible to be covered from the cold wind, and there, after being forced against each other in order to be warmed, overslept is somewhat it was hour, but even to the dawn again they were released into the way. They noted none it was indicative pursuit, and Jefferson Hope beginnings to already think that they was succeeded in slipping off from the terrible organization, whose anger they brought on themselves. He did not know, as far stretches its iron hand and as soon it will press them into the cam and will crush. V to the middle of the second day of their wanderings the scant reserves of food almost were wasted. However, this little disturbed the hunter: in the mountains the game was conducted, and for it it before frequently was necessary to obtain to itself food with the aid of the gun. After finding secluded corner, it assembled the heap of fallen trees and kindled bright bonfire so that Lyusi and old Fer'e could warm. They were located at height of approximately five thousand feet above sea level, and air sharply cooled. After tying horses and after nodding to the farewell Of lyusi, it moved the gun across the arm and left for the searches for any game. After passing a little, it was examined: old man and girl sat in the bonfire, and after them motionlessly stood the attached horses. Then cliffs shielded them by themselves.
On passed miles two, roaming on the gorges, but nothing it found, although and on other signs it concluded on the crust of trees ragged somewhere that many bears somewhere hereabout dwell. After spending on the vain searches for hour two or three, it completely despaired and wanted was to turn conversely, when suddenly, after raising eyes, saw something such, from what its heart joyfully was clogged. On the protrusion of high cliff, the feet in 300 four hundred above it stood animal, by sight of more similar to the sheep, but with the gigantic horns. Snowy ram thus it was called this animal was, probably, the leader of the herd, which Hope could not see from below. Fortunately, the ram looked into other side and did not note hunter. Jefferson Hope rushed to the earth, placed the muzzle of gun on the stone and for long took aim before going down cock. Finally it shot; animal bounced, barely it was detained on the edge of protrusion and collapsed downward into the valley.